Nature is the best teacher-
Try seeing the world
through a child’s eye!”

If you give apple to child he will eat once, and if you teach him to grow, he eats it for time.

Children learn
Children learn moral values to become responsible & confident.

We provide
We provide roots & wings to tender minds to fly free & reach higher

children achieve
We make them learn to visualise their dreams a show the path to achieve it.

We believe
We believe life is a flowing river of happiness it depends on us to carry a spoon or a bucket,

Children say
We are the top of the world and getting better & better every day.

What sets us apart
Trend setters of the new philosophy

At Rockford, we wish to facilitate the process of learning by providing a conductive environment, where the child is not stressed out by expectations and demands but enjoys and thrives on academic and other challenges thrown at him/her. We believe that the child learns better when he/she is supported by loving and caring people, sensitive to the child’s emotional and developmental needs. As each individual child learns in his/her own special way, clarity of fundamental concepts is given utmost importance. Our qualified and trained teachers efficiently use the right equipments & tools to enhance the all round development of every child, recognising his/her own individual talents and needs.

At Rockford, education is holistic and proactive and fundamentals of academics and life are given equal importance.